M3 Films was co-founded in 2003 by Melina McKinnon and Michael Cain as a production studio focused on producing socially relevant films, concert films and curriculum films. Inspired by the legacy of entrepreneurial and philanthropic families, Melina and Michael along with M3 Films' principal, Miles Hargrove, have developed an innovative model, which seamlessly integrates film and new media to create Movies with a Mission.

M3 Films has successfully produced and distributed over half-a-dozen projects utilizing traditional and philanthropic business practices. With several more films currently in production, M3 has an established base in the center of the development - production - distribution - exhibition media chain.

Leveraging technology and massive shifts in viewer habits and access, M3 Films' strategy of expanding both up and down the chain allows for greater control and investor profit potential, making M3 Films a true next-generation studio.